7 Vegan Food Trucks Los Angeles

It seems you can’t scroll through social media these days without seeing a few friends or celebs post about their fantastic new plant-based diet regimens. Those who left meat behind years, or even decades ago, i’m sure you are happy to welcome newcomers into the fold.

Whether you are a super dedicated vegan or just want to see how the other half lives, here are 7 vegan food trucks worth checking out. 

  1. 1 Word of Mouth

    The Word of Mouth truck is beloved for its flavorful vegan comfort food like the mac and cheese bites. However, their ‘sweet of the day’ is actually the draw. So plan to save room for some dessert.

  2. 2 Plant Food For People

    Vegan street tacos? Yes, please! As the first all vegan taco truck in Los Angeles, Plant Food For People know what they are doing. The soyrizo nachos are definitely a favorite, but for us, it's Jackfruit tacos for the win! And chipotle (non)mayo on EVERYTHING.

  3. 3 Amazebowls

    Anyone else as impressed with the staying power of Acai-based bowls as we are? When we want to hold on to those light, beachy vibes all day long, we head over to Amazebowls for our personal fave, the Fresh Prince of Bowl-Air.

  4. 4 Mandoline Grill

    Though Mandoline Grill is not all vegan, they offer plenty of tasty options if you're looking for a place to keep everyone happy and fed. Chef/owner Mong Skillman's venture grew from her love of the beyond flavorful food at her Mother's Vietnamese restaurant located in Honolulu's Chinatown.

  5. 5 Cena Vegan

    At Cena Vegan, start by picking one of their homemade small batch plant-based proteins. They offer al pastor and barbacoa-type proteins that are flavorful as they are filling. After you pick your protein, add it to either a taco, nachos, or burrito. Order. Eat. Enjoy.

  6. 6 Green Truck

    Even if you aren't a dedicated vegan, you probably are at least eco-aware and may sometimes think, "Hey, I could probably be doing more to help care for this kick-ass planet." Well, the folks at Green Truck thought that and then decided to actually DO something. A lot of things actually: from the oil-powered truck to the composting cycle with their farmers, they walk the walk, all while making some of the best vegan eats available in LA. Chow down on a Mother Trucker Vegan Burger while you brainstorm some more ways YOU can help heal Momma Earth. They also offer non vegan items as well.

  7. 7 Frankenstand

    Frankenstand is not exactly a food truck, but this stand just has to be included in our round-up. Offering up 100% vegan dogs with spooky themes. We love the seemingly endless toppings bar and the buns that go along with the dogs.

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