Costco Secrets Revealed – Tips For Members And Non-Members

Costco Secrets Revealed – Tips For Members And Non-Members

Here is how to grub Costco on the cheap... even without a membership.

There is something about the Costco food court that we just love! Maybe it’s the high school memories from our time spent hanging out at the mall, but now that we have grown up palates we forget that Costco has some food court options that will fill up anyone on the cheap and it’s, for the most, part good. The best part is, no membership required. 

Consider our Costco food court hacks and tips the adult version of delish food court eats. Next time you’re running around or just need a cheap meal, try out these wallet and taste bud pleasing hacks and tips.

  1. 1 The Onion Salad

    Some people call this Costco Kimchi but let's be real. It is nothing like Kimchi. 

    If you're looking to expand your food court horizons, love onions or looking for an interesting hotdog topping give this a try.  

    How To Costco-Style Onion Salad:

    Step 1: Crank yourself out a healthy serving of onions, as much as you want

    Step 2: Pump it up and soak your onions in ketchup and mustard

    Step 3: Mix, mix and mix it up some more

    Step 4: Enjoy! Tasty as a side or topping

  2. 2 The Ice Cream Float

    One of the many great things about living in Southern California is the always-summer vibe that we all love. What could be more reminiscent of a summer's day than a tasty ice cream float? 

    How To Costco Ice Cream Float: 

    Get a vanilla froyo and fill it up with the soda of your choice. There's just something about an ice cream float that screams summertime fun to us!

  3. 3 Churro or Frozen Yogurt. Why Not Both?

    Who doesn't love a refreshing froyo? Or a sweet and delicious churro? If you just can't decide between the two for your sweet treat, don't. Just get both!

    Froyo/Churro Hack: 

    When you just need to opt for both the churro and frozen yogurt, just dip your churro into the frozen yogurt or go crazy and break off some tasty chunks of churro to mix into the refreshing chocolate or vanilla or chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt. We'll take the swirl with our churro, please.

  4. 4 The SoCal Costco Hamburger (For Now)

    SoCal is one of the first test markets to offer the new Costco cheeseburger. Get behind this organic beef, cheddar cheese, juicy tomato, and fresh lettuce burger all on an amazing brioche-style bun!

  5. 5 Feed The Family For Under $25

    Everyone loves decent food at an affordable price! If you are looking for a night out and want to stay within your budget, check out your local Costco food court, where it's possible to feed a family of five for under $25! 

  6. 6 Shop Costco And Have It Delivered Without A Membership

    Are you a commitment-phobe who loves great food at a great price but the idea of joining Costco as a full-fledged member gives you the heebie-jeebies? You don't need a membership to order the great Costco food items on the Instacart app. Yeah, we didn't know this either until our super in-the-know office mate spilled the beans!

  7. 7 Want To Eat At A Costco Food Court? No-Membership? No-Problem!

    Not a member? Visit a Costco location where the food court is outside the store - no membership required! We also hear that most of the time the person guarding the door will let you right in to enjoy the food court or "checkout membership options". 

    You also don't need a membership to purchase alcohol. It's the law. So just walk right in and let them know you are picking up some booze. 

  8. 8 Need A Whole Pizza? Or Maybe 2 or 3?

    Call ahead and order as many whole pies as you need. Order them before you go shopping and have them ready when you're checking out or just order them for pick-up any day and time your planning your next pizza party. 

Never go hangry.

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