Meet The 2018 Los Angeles James Beard Award Finalists

As LA cements its place in the world of culinary cities, it is no surprise that our town is well-represented in this year's list of James Beard Award finalists!

No city in the world understands the gravity of getting a major award from your peers better than we do. As Oscar’s hometown, we get it. 

Being honored with the right award from the right group of your peers can make or transform an entire career. Even being nominated can change one’s life trajectory. Whether its an Academy Award nomination for an actor or a James Beard nomination for a chef, the outcome is the same, the recipient is on a potential fast-track to stardom. 

Like the Academy Awards, the James Beard awards are considered the most prestigious in North America because the nominees and winners are chosen by other culinary professionals, people who understand the level of dedication it requires to succeed in this industry. The James Beard Foundation has also distinguished itself by consistently finding and awarding new talent, which means that the list of Beard nominees each year is also a roadmap to the best places to eat as well as a guide to the most exciting chefs to follow. 

“….and the nominees are…..” 


Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough has been eating for over three decades - with many of those years in and around LA. Having left SoCal for college, Brian brought back with him a love for grillin' and a desire to make up for all those meals he missed in LA. When he's not eating, he's searching for where his next meal is going to come from.