It’s the classic LA car culture dilemma, the fridge is as empty as your car is caked with dirt, which do you tackle first- the car wash or the hunger pangs? When it comes to the intersection of car washes and cuisine you might think that the options are limited to cellophane wrapped pre-made sandwiches in a glass sliding door refrigerator or cracker packs with those red spreaders and peanut butter or super soft and salty “cheese.” Well, here are three places that don’t make you go hungry while your car gets its scrub on.


Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough has been eating for over three decades - with many of those years in and around LA. Having left SoCal for college, Brian brought back with him a love for grillin' and a desire to make up for all those meals he missed in LA. When he's not eating, he's searching for where his next meal is going to come from.