We Can Guess What Kind of Foodie You Are

Call it what you want but when it comes down to it we live to eat. Take this quiz to find out what kind of foodie you are.

  1. 1 Pick a Cup of Coffee

    1. Latte Art All Day
    2. Cream Me Up
    3. BLACK.
    4. Topped with Cream and Yummies
  2. 2 Would You Try A Truffled Big Mac?

    Truffle Thursdays ???? @mcdonalds

    A post shared by T R U F F ®️ (@sauce) on


    The McTruffle-Mac With Truffle Hot Sauce!  

    1. NO WAY
    2. All Day Bro!
    3. YOLO
    4. I'll Take Just The Truffle
  3. 3 Pick A Vacation

    Select a destination that wets your appetite.  

    1. The Mediterranean
    3. Tokyo, Japan
    4. Just Put Me On A Beach!
  4. 4 Pick A Drink To Go With This Meal

    We know its just wood fire pizza, but go ahead select a beverage. 

    1. A Nice Cab
    2. A Beer
    3. Coke, or soda
    4. A Refreshing Cocktail
    5. Sparkling Water
    6. Water
  5. 5 Which One Of These Statements Are True?

    1. Ketchup Makes Everything Better
    2. Food Is Always Better Paired With The Right Beverage
    3. Local Beer Taste Better
    4. Food, It Does The Soul Good
    5. Eating Should Be An Unforgettable Experience When Possible
    6. Sex Is Nice But Good Food Is Better
  6. 6 In My Kitchen...

    1. Don't You Dare Throw Those Bones Away!
    2. I Have More Sauces In The Fridge Then Whole Foods.
    3. I Eat Out!
    4. I Don't Cook. Take Me Somewhere Good!
    5. I Try To Cook Something Difference Everyday
    6. I'll Out Cook You, Your Mom And Your Grandma.
  7. 7 I'm About To Eat The Best Meal Of My Life

    1. It Must Go On The gram #Instagood
    2. I've Got My Beverage Pairing Ready To Go.
    3. Every Meal Is The Best.... When I'm A Little Drunk.
    4. It's Likely A Good Steak
  8. 8 When I Travel...

    1. Room Service!
    2. Quick, Easy Food. To Much To Do And See.
    3. I'm Looking for James Beard Winning Eats
    4. Anyone Up For A Brewery Tour?
    5. Take Me To The Best Burger In Town.
    6. Give Me Something Exotic, Fun And Worth Bragging About

We Can Guess What Kind of Foodie You Are

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  1. Quiz result

    The Sorry Not Sorry Foodie

    There ain't no shame in your game. You eat what you want whether it's gourmet or grbbin fast food. You don't care, you are adventurous, love food, but at the end of the day, you don't care what people think. 

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  2. Quiz result

    Hipster Foodie

    You see food far beyond the short-lived indulgence of eating it. ENTER: profound thoughts. All food either good or bad has a story, you prefer to understand the artistry behind the good stuff and you seek understanding relentlessly. Craft food and drinks are a big part of your life's journey.  Cheers!

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  3. Quiz result

    YOLO Foodie

    Been there, eaten that. "Sure, I'll take a bite." You are down to try anything once as long as you live to tell about it. Stay adventurous, eat well! 

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  4. Quiz result

    Foodie In Training

    You love to eat, that is all that matters. Sure, you might put a little, or a lot of, sauce on it here and there. You may not be able to point out all the unique flavors of a dish, but it tastes good. Does it matter? The fact that you are here meaning you might be on your way to becoming a supreme foodie, but let's be real... you love food so who cares?

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  5. Quiz result

    Supreme FOODIE

    You are the definition of gourmet. Pairing food and beverages is second nature. Your foodie instincts are like an artist and their brush, everything is either a masterpiece or it's crap. You don't mean to make all other wannabe foodies around you feel inadequate but even your worst meal is likely their best. 

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Brian McCullough
Brian McCullough has been eating for over three decades - with many of those years in and around LA. Having left SoCal for college, Brian brought back with him a love for grillin' and a desire to make up for all those meals he missed in LA. When he's not eating, he's searching for where his next meal is going to come from.


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